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My Vegan Doula

Supporting you before, during, and after birth


Postpartum support & Lactation education

My role as a postpartum doula and Lactation Educator Counselor is to offer emotional and physical support for women and their growing family, I am ready to listen carefully to your needs and your vision and meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be in your parenthood journey.  My goal is to help mothers find their voice, become aware of their strengths and move as gently yet confidently as possible into either first-time or continuing motherhood.  

As a Postpartum Doula I will provide:

  • Non-judgmental physical, emotional, and spiritual support to mom and her whole family
  • Caring for and nurturing the new mom so she can rest, heal, and nurture her new baby and family
  • Listening and validating feelings and concerns
  • Encourage and empower parents in the parenting style and techniques of their choice
  • Information and guidance on newborn care including bathing, diapering, feeding, soothing/calming, newborn sleep solutions, swaddling, baby wearing, etc.
  • Local resources and referral information as necessary
  • Lactation information, support, and counseling
  • Pumping and breast milk storage information and support
  • Bottle feeding information and support
  • Light housekeeping (dishes, sweeping, baby laundry, etc.)
  • Healthy meal and snack preparation
  • Infant/sibling care while mom rests/showers/bonds with children
  • Local errands/grocery shopping/pharmacy
  • Accompanying mom and baby to follow-up appointments
  • Assistance with nursery set up and baby registry if needed
  • Phone, text, and email support beginning upon hire and through the fulfillment of our contract

As a Postpartum Doula I will NOT:

  • Diagnose medical conditions or offer medical advice
  • Interpret medical diagnoses or clinical results
  • Prescribe or administer treatment of medical conditions
  • Perform clinical procedures
  • Take over complete care of the infant
  • Transport any family members
  • Stay alone with infants or other children in the absence of mom and/or family member
  • Act as a nanny or housekeeper


supplemental services

Supplemental services available include plant-based nutritional guidance, meal planning and meal preparation as well as ongoing post-partum support.

Postpartum  moms need lost of nutritious foods to support healing and  breastfeeding. A plant-based diet may also help you feel more energized  and  focused throughout your day.  I am a huge foodie so I love going to food festivals, sharing  recipes and cooking for my family, specifically plant-based meals. I  have been vegan since 2013 and a vegetarian several years prior to that.  It's been a journey for sure and I know I made some nutrition mistakes along the way but I've learned what works for myself and my family and I'm excited to share that with you. Together, we'll come up with balanced customizable and delicious food options that are adapted to fit your needs.   

Grocery shopping and cooking meals can feel so overwhelming, especially when you are starting a family or adding onto your existing one. Sometimes it can feel downright impossible to leave the house when you're too tired and busy caring for a newborn. Trust me, I've been there. As both a full-time working mom and full time stay at home mom. But I want you to know that you're not alone and it doesn't have to be complicated. I've gone from barley knowing how to boil water to preparing full-course (occasionally themed) meals.

My goal is to educate and support women in their childbearing years along with their infants for a healthy lifestyle today and for a mindful, loving future.

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"Jenn was our doula for my fourth pregnancy and delivery.  When I met Jenn, immediately I felt comfortable around her. She is sweet, kind and easy to talk to. I loved how she went out of her way to suggest natural ways to help me care for me and my baby boy. Jenn even made me homemade elderberry syrup to help me kick a nasty cold I was having a hard time getting rid of.  She was always available to help me or answer my questions. She did a wonderful job supporting my husband and I during labor and delivery. She stayed by my side encouraging me to stay focused, confident and comfortable during labor. She helped my husband out a great deal taking turns putting counter pressure on my back to help my back labor. I would recommend Jenn as a doula to anyone who asked. -Michelle Durocher